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Welcome to George Lacey Building, our portfolio to date has lead to a specialist interest in listed buildings, cottages, period properties, Mansion houses and holiday homes not to mention new build projects too. Our area of work covers all of North Norfolk alongside the beautiful North Norfolk coast.


Work comprises of large and small projects for example rebuilding imperial Norfolk red brick cottages, garden flint wall repairs and design.  Our customers are valued and their opinions regarding the chosen project are welcome. Each piece of work is bespoke and personal to each project. If you require something completely unique or have an idea for possible design we can be as creative as possible with a functional and aesthetically pleasing concept. Flint work, stone work and imperial reclaimed brick laying skills are key to us, alongside slate, pan tile roofing and lead work.


Lime mortar is a product in many forms has in some cases been forgotten in period property restoration. Many aged houses have fallen victim to the newly considered wonder product from post war England, including my own.

Its simple approach can be daunting to the home owner who is looking for a magical resolve from the persistent damp. The introduction of concrete or products containing resin (plastic - such as pink plaster or modern paints) is mainly the cause of damp in some properties. When walls in period houses are stripped revealing resin paint, ‘pink’ plaster, cement render, this is trapping moisture and causing damp. By replacing with the correct product as it was once intended will allow the troublesome area to breathe and exist in the way it was first built. Period properties were not built with DPC or membranes, so when these types of modern materials are introduced some years later will have a catastrophic effect on the building - traditional is best.” George Lacey


George Lacey started as a bricklayer in 1995. He now lives in a grade 2 listed property in North Norfolk with Georgian and Victorian architecture. The house came with many discoveries which was a fascinating and continued education. George is an artisan builder, passionate about preserving our fine buildings.